Contest of Ideas for the construction of a multifunctional cultural center in the oasis town of Figuig, Morocco.  


The oasis of Figuig is rich in historical, social and cultural terms. A charming context, which must be safeguarded. The ideas competition is a valuable tool to further the preservation of the identity and culture of the place. The main objective of the MyDesignCompetition « Oasis House » is to sensitize the new generation of architects and designers to approach the idea with a vision of sustainability, which contributes to the social and cultural development of the place while respecting the local traditions. 


The city of Figuig (municipality and local associations) and MyAfricanCompetition, in collaboration with a scientific commission composed of professionals and professors from Italian and Moroccan universities (Florence, Cagliari, EnaOujda, International University of Rabat and Unicampania), are organizing a competition for the design and construction of a multipurpose center in Figuig.

The competition aims to build a 1200 m2 multi-purpose center to promote training activities, raise awareness of the city and its local community, and preserve local culture.

The competition aims to acquire the best design proposals for the construction of a multi-purpose structure, on one or more levels, used for multiple functions. The design solutions can be developed freely, respecting the reference regulations in force and the limits of the perimeter of the intervention area, which must be planned according to a layout of spaces capable of accommodating all the destinations envisaged in order to identify the concept of the intervention area. Traditional exhibition center. 


Who can participate?

1. Young people under 35 years old.

2. individuals or groups of 3 people as max.

3. Students, graduates and professionals in the field of architecture and design. 

Registration Fees

700 MAD for participants living in Morocco

80 Euro for participants from the rest of the world

* same fees for both, individual and group registration.


– Registration phase: from Monday 2 August until 30 September 2021.

– FAQ answer deadline ( 15 septembre

– Delivery of projects: no later than 15 November 2021

– Publication of results: 30 November 2021.


1st prize : 

3000 €

Internship at AtelierKel studio (Marrakech, Morocco) – architect Karim ElAchak

Invitation to the Figuig project implementation workshop.

2nd prize : 

2000 €  

Internship at And-Studio (Pisa, Italy) – architect Andrea Mannocci

Invitation to a workshop in Figuig   

3rd prize: 

1000 €  

Internship at Studio A1 (Casablanca, Morocco) – architect Abderrahim Kassou

Invitation to a workshop in Figuig     

* Special Mention (no prize): The jury may mention up to 10 projects that it considers interesting 


More Materials will be available after registration

Scientific Committee and Competition Jury

Operational and Coordination Commission


juin 27, 2021