Medinit contest 2019

International Design Competition « MyDesignCompetition 2019 »

Three winners captured the spirit of the competition by proposing a number of innovative and original projects.

The total price of 2,500 € distributed as follows:
1st prize: 1,500 €: “M’ozone”, Jabri farah, Ousalah Hicham Morocco
2nd prize: 1,000 €: “SOfy”, Aldedja Denis, Italy
3rd prize: “Olfactory Obj” , Cecchetto Diego, Italy

In addition to the three winning projects, the jury reserved a special mention for the “Stoolocco & Morcoscreen” project by Francesca Smaldore (Italy).

MyAfricanCompetition thanks the partners of the competition


On the occasion of the first design competition launched by My African Competition, in collaboration with the Green Ville group, the International University of Rabat and the University of Florence, Medinit is presenting itself as the institution hosting the exhibition of the prototypes of the three winners and their subsequent award.

This is the first competition between young international architects and designers as part of a competition that aims to improve Italian design by combining it with Moroccan craftsmanship thanks to the knowledge of young professionals from different countries around the world.

The competition was developed among architects and designers from different cultural and educational backgrounds. It counted the participation of young people from countries such as Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Albania …

To make the competition even more unique, one of the conditions imposed was an age limit. The participants were exclusively young professionals under the age of 35, in order to give better access to the new generation and to be able to exercise the skills acquired during their personal training. This was the result of a sincere experience that touched all the founders and collaborators of this association. Indeed, at the moment, the younger generation is unlikely to have much access to the world of work, let alone give free rein to their new and innovative knowledge. And this is why the idea of the competition was born.

Hence the even more specific definition of the various aspects of the competition. The important conditions concerned the use of materials, appropriately traditional and renewable, enhancing typical local forms and characteristics, using modular systems and translating technological innovation while respecting and enhancing the typical, dual function.

The Medinit and the exhibition
To complete the competition, Medinit, with the collaboration of all its partners, offered us a space to configure with prototypes and competition tables. We had the honour of participating in the tenth edition of the Italian furniture fair in Casablanca, bringing something new and innovative.

In this event, there were two important moments. The awarding of prizes to the three winners of the competition, given by the highest Italian representatives in Morocco, such as the Ambassador and the Consul. A second important moment was the seminar on one of the themes of My African competition, that of smart cities.

The aim of the fair is to showcase what young minds can achieve and then collaborate with professionals in the sector to promote Italian and Moroccan culture, know-how and markets.

juin 27, 2021